TriPoint Dealer Team

Is your Faith your guiding principle for your business, home and community involvement?

What does the “time tested Book”, the Bible, say about great leadership vs. great management?

Would you like to be in a “safe zone” to discuss your thoughts and ideas with other likeminded leaders from a like business and walk away with some great new ideas for you personally and for your company?

If those questions create just a bit of curiosity and interest, then please check out “A different kind of 20 Group” called TriPoint Dealer Team by reading the overview below.


What It’s All About…

It’s about Leaders from a Like Business with Like Faith, Like Minds and Like Purpose who want to move beyond the dollars and cents because they have a desire to evolve from success to significance.

It’s a team that helps each other grow personally and professionally to become a better leader of their Businesses, Homes and Communities — all for the glory of God.

Why This Team…

  • To participate in Christian faith-based fellowship that builds meaningful relationships in a safe, positive, encouraging and transparent environment.
  • To maximize financial success while maintaining a commitment to the principles in the Word of God and a set of core values.
  • To share best practices and to bring “baby ideas” to the Team, supporting the value of continuous improvement. Good + Good = Great.
  • To help each other become better leaders by understanding how great leadership is different than great management.
  • To value our time together and use it efficiently in order to depart each meeting with a written action plan on the TriPoint Dealer Team focus areas of business, home and community.

What We Value…

  • Trust and Respect for the Individual
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to Excel
  • Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm
  • Continuous Improvement

The Basics…

TriPoint Nomenclature

  • We are a Team, not a Group, because as we grow our relationships we commit to always have each other’s back with support and encouragement.
  • We have a Team Leader/Coach, not a Chair or Moderator, who truly cares for team members and is there to listen, ask some questions and then provide counsel.
  • We think in terms of opportunities instead of problems as we pursue the “glorious adventure” God has planned for us. As we learn new things, we stop clinging to our old ways.

TriPoint Dealer Team Meeting Format and Frequency

  • Generally a Team will have 2-day meetings at a major city airport location with a minimum of 3 meetings per year, though each Team will ultimately decide the meeting locations, frequency and length. Team size will be targeted for 12 members in support of “What It’s All about” and “Why this Team”.
  • There are some simple By-Laws and a Letter of Agreement to assist the Team in our efforts to “Organize a Little and Do a Lot”

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