TriPoint Management Solutions was founded based on a passion and desire to share lessons learned from real life experiences to help executives and senior managers become “Servant Leaders”, thereby improving the performance of their organizations. Coaching and consulting focuses on Success AND Significance by facilitating relevant solutions for your company in the areas of strategic planning, organizational effectiveness and culture and leadership development.

TriPoint’s services are centered on Five Key Principles of Servant Leadership:

1. Help others succeed
Listen much more than you talk
Lead with humility…put others and the organization first
Be a vision caster and keeper based on a clear mission statement supported by a meaningful set of core values

2. Teamwork
Involve people in decisions that affect them, fostering trust and respect
Facilitate solutions and support their progress
Equip, encourage, empower and recognize results, which promotes team member engagement

3. Keep the end in mind
Create customer enthusiasm by exceeding their expectations
What’s the passion that drives what you’re doing and why you’re doing it?

4. Organize a little, do a lot
Rise above the little things
Have efficient meetings, focused decision making and effective communication

5. Continuous improvement
Foster a culture that you can always get better at what you do
Excellence is a choice… the incremental result of always striving to do better